Welcome to Maruti Group

Maruti Group provides Construction Chemicals and Bitumen (Asphalt) solutions to infrastructure/construction companies, government and road authorities.

Looking towards India’s economy & recognizing the immense market potential in our construction sector, the Maruti Group started production of Construction Chemicals for all types of Infrastructure Projects. Maruti specializes in Admixtures, Road Marking Paint, Water proofing and sealants, Surface treatments, Industrial flooring, Grouts and Anchors, Readymix mortars and Adhesives, Protective coatings.

The company also manufactures and supplies high quality Bitumen, Bitumen Emulsions and Special Bituminous Allied Products. In addition, Maruti is also involved in importing and distributing Bitumen at low cost.

Today, the Maruti Group serves over more than 100 satisfied customers across the public and private sector, providing high quality customized solutions across construction chemicals and bituminous products. Over the years, the brand Maruti has become Synonymous with Quality, Reliability and Cost Effectiveness.