Maruti ASA

Anti Stripping Agent for improvement of adhesion between Bitumen & Aggregates.
High Performance, heat stable additives formulated to significantly enhance the adhesion between a wide range of bitumen and aggregate combination.

Maruti ASA promotes adhesion between bitumen and the aggregate used in asphalts is essential in producing durable materials that perform as expected. It is well known that the bitumen bond to certain aggregates can be quite poor which could potentially lead to early material failure. It is therefore important that and an anti-stripping agent like Maruti ASA is used in order to improve the aggregate to bitumen bond and the material overall performance.

Maruti ASA has been shown to work in practise with a variety of aggregate types and improve durability for a variety of mixtures.

Maruti ASA is a very effective in high rainfall regions, areas with poor aggregate-bitumen affinity and poor drainage systems. It prevents Bitumen against stripping actions of water.

Maruti Patch Fix

Instant, Convenient & Durable System to repair Pot-Holes & Other Openings in bituminous surfaces

MarutiPatchFix- is a ready to use material for repairing pot-holes in flexible roads. It can be used in ambient temperature in the range of 0 to 50 ˚C. It is a modified all-weather bitumen paste in liquid asphalt with chemicals, anti-stripping agents, graded aggregates and additives.

MarutiPatchFix- is a blend of carefully selected graded aggregates, which are subject to various rigorous tests. These graded aggregates undergo several processes of mineral dressing such as sieving, pre-washing, controlled temperature hot air drying and followed by mixing with essence of asphalt-polymer paste and special grade of bitumen.

Maruti Seal BS – Bitumen Based Sealing Compound

High Performance Bituminous Sealant

Maruti Seal BS is bitumen based sealant for concrete joints resistant to high temperature variation providing waterproof sealing for all type of horizontal joints. It is conforming to IS 1834-1984, Grade “A” and Grade “B” Specification.

Maruti Seal BS is a very effective in Runway Joints, Joints in garages, filling stations and other places joints like warehouse floors and secondary containment of walls and floors of artificial water ponds, bridge and road joints.