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Waterproofing Membrane

Maruti Waterproofing Membrane: Your Ultimate Solution for Superior Waterproofing.

Maruti Waterproofing Membrane is an advanced APP modified glass fiber / polyester reinforced bituminous membrane, designed to provide exceptional waterproofing performance for a wide range of applications.
Available in 2 mm, 3 mm, and 4 mm thicknesses, this membrane offers unmatched flexibility, water tightness, tensile strength, tear resistance, and puncture resistance.

Whether you need to protect roof slabs, basements, swimming pools, roof gardens, car parks, bridges, or tunnels, Maruti Waterproofing Membrane has you covered. Its cost-effective and durable nature makes it a superior choice compared to conventional waterproofing systems, while its excellent temperature and aging resistance ensure long-lasting performance when applied correctly.

With easy application using a torch and proper overlapping and sealing techniques, Maruti Waterproofing Membrane provides a seamless and reliable waterproofing solution for your construction projects. Trust in the quality and performance of Maruti Waterproofing Membrane for all your waterproofing needs.

Chemical Base: APP modified bituminous; glass fiber fleece reinforced.

Test Parameter Standard (ASTM/EN) 2 mm 3 mm 4 mm
Thickness, mm ASTM D 5147 2 ± 0.1 3 ± 0.1 4 ± 0.1
Unit weight, Kg/Sq.m ASTM D 6222 2.5 3.8 5.0
Softening point, (°C) ASTM D 36 150 150 150
% Elongation at break, Longitudinal ASTM D 5147 2 2 2
Tensile strength Longitudinal, N/5 cm ASTM D 5147 350 400 400
% Elongation at break, Transverse ASTM D 5147 2 2 2
Tensile strength transverse, N/5 cm ASTM D 5147 300 400 400
Low Temp. Flexibility, °C ASTM D 5147 Pass at 0 Pass at 0 Pass at 0
Tear strength Longitudinal, N ASTM D 4073 300 300 300
Tear strength Transverse, N ASTM D 4073 300 300 300

Choose Maruti Waterproofing Membrane today and experience the difference in waterproofing excellence!

Maruti Bituminous Coatings (Primers & Paints): Superior Protection for Steel and Concrete Surfaces.

Maruti Bituminous Coatings is a single pack, air-drying, bitumen-based coating designed to provide excellent protection for steel, concrete, and cement surfaces. This self-priming coating offers outstanding resistance to both sea water and fresh water, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

Key features and recommended uses:

  • Protective coating for void spaces, tank bottom plates, steelwork, pipes, and container chassis
  • Pre coat for APP membranes application.
  • Free from phenolic resin, ensuring a safer and more environmentally friendly product.
  • Easy to apply using airless spray, brush, or roller.
  • Excellent adhesion to properly prepared surfaces

With a volume solids content of approximately 50% and a recommended dry film thickness of 60-80 microns per coat, Maruti Bituminous Coatings provides efficient coverage and long-lasting protection. The coating dries to a matt finish and is available in black color.

For optimal performance, ensure that surfaces are dry, clean, and free from contaminants before application. Maruti Bituminous Coatings can be applied directly to steel surfaces prepared to Sa 2 1/2 (ISO 8501-1: 200) or St2/St3 grade, as well as properly prepared concrete and cement surfaces.

Choose Maruti Bituminous Coatings for reliable, long-lasting protection of your steel and concrete structures. With its excellent water resistance and easy application, this bitumen-based coating is the perfect solution for a variety of demanding environments.